Tod O' Dot is a concept of a
  multidisciplinary artist who
  makes also acoustic guitar
  music with regard to audio 
  experiments. He uses songs he
  likes to play or to listen to
  -always in new arrangements-
  with the performance of an
  acoustic phosphor bronzed steel
 strings guitar, sometimes combined with an acoustic twelve
 silvered steel strings guitar, as the basis of all songs. Now also
 a few compositions by himself are included in his latest CD.
  Monday Mirror  
"Monday Mirror" is a fabulous fat
 music CD introducing the acoustic guitar.
 Listen and enjoy also some musical
 features of the artist himself and some
 rearranged instrumental covers of severe
 super hits.
listen to this track: As Sweet's Our Love's   As Sweet's Our Love's
listen to this track: American Pie   American Pie
listen to this track: On Payday   On Payday
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  Thursday Things
 "Thursday Things" is an instrumental
 music CD with the acoustic guitar in the
 main role in re-arranged covers of great
 hits of all times.
listen to this track: Raiders in the Storm   Riders on the Storm
listen this track: Along The Watchtower   Along The Watchtower
listen to this track: Every Breath You Take   Every breath you take
listen to this track: Eye in the Sky   Eye in the sky
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  Chopin Music by Guitars
 "Chopin Music by Guitars" are
 re-arranged  transcriptions of the
 spectacular piano music of Chopin but
 now for guitar duo, guitar trio and guitar
listen to this track: Etude   Etude
listen to this track: Chopinguit   Chopinguit
listen to this track: 'Raindrop' Etude   'Raindrop' Prelude
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 Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy these sound colors, even if
 you are only sometimes a genuine lover of classical music or
 musical experiments.
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( CD's Price $ 9. 99)
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